Wild Island

Wild Island has grown over the years and Nuala was soon joined by a number of friends (also chefs) who helped with the production side of the business.  The combined approach of experimenting with flavours and blends, whilst championing the core values of provenance, quality and taste, continues to form the basis of developing each Wild Island product.

Our Story


Wild Island is based on the idea that good food comes from good ingredients

Nearly 30 years ago Nuala sailed over the Solent and fell in love with the Isle of Wight and its abundance of fresh local produce (along with the beaches and long hours of sunshine!).  Nuala has always had a passion for food and started making various products from her kitchen in Nutshell Cottage and selling them in local farm shops - this enabled her to work around her young children’s school days.


However, when necessary renovation work had to be carried out on her small cottage, Nuala made the decision to upscale her business and, in 2011, moved to a small unit on a farm in the middle of the Island, where the rapeseed is grown and cold pressed.  Here she launched Wild Island - the name was chosen to reflect the beauty of the hidden gems of the Island.

Photo by  Nick Edwards

Photo by Nick Edwards

Photo by  Nick Edwards

Photo by Nick Edwards

Wild Island quickly grew - and with very little marketing!  Nuala was thrilled to discover that a customer base for her delicious blends was established simply by word of mouth and that, by following her own values of using simple core ingredients, she had managed to create a delicious range of flavoursome dressings, dips and marinades with a broad market appeal.

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Award Winning Fine Oils, Dressings & Fruit Vinegars


By using only the best ingredients and sourcing them locally wherever possible, Wild Island have developed a number of innovative yet balanced flavours, from delicious Spiced Fig to Blackberry Balsamic and Cherry with Chilli.  Our recipes have since delighted cooks and fine food judges alike and received several Great Taste Awards. 


We love it when people are inspired to reuse our glass bottles - be it as gifts such as homemade cordial or liqueurs, or simply as a candlestick!  Each bottle also has a range of enticing recipe suggestions on the label.


Wild Island are proud that many of their fruit infused balsamics feature regularly on the menus of the fantastic foragers at The Pig, who share our passion for quality food and offer  ‘restaurants with rooms’ across the south of England.


Here are some of the things chefs say about using our products:

“I try to work with 3 flavours in each dish and each flavour compound has back notes. A sauce for example will consist of 5 or 6 elements. I like to use the Wild Island products as they bring a depth of flavour – a few drops to achieve a subtle and interesting taste without over complicating.”

 ‘Try Bay & Juniper Balsamic Dressing or the Blackberry Balsamic Dressing (they) naturally work well with game such as Venison to enhance a sauce. The dressings can also lighten and freshen a dish and help connect it all together. Fruit balsamics also work very well with a variety of meats, such as chicken, or veal. I used the Spiced Fig Balsamic Dressing with a Rabbit Terrine – and it was delicious”