Our Story

Meet the Team

Nuala Grandcourt - Founder - Nuala is the founder of Wild Island and makes sure everything runs smootly at our Newchurch H.Q. It was a brainwave ten years ago which led to her first commercially made Isle of Wight salad dressing. Since then, Nuala's creativity has led to a string of delicious and inventive new products.

Ady Stothard - Head Chef - Ady is our chief balsamic achemist and master oil infuser. If you try a Wild Island product, chances are Ady has had a hand in making it! He's been with us since 2016 and we're very proud of the fact he's also a volunteer lifeboat helm at Cowes R.N.L.I.

How Wild Island Began

Wild Island came to life in the kitchen of Nutshell Cottage, on the beautiful Isle of Wight. Nuala Grandcourt, a passionate foodie, created her first commercial Island-made salad dressing, using a combination of olive oil and locally produced cold-pressed rapeseed.

Inventive by nature, it didn’t take long for Nuala to develop other varieties of dressings, oils and vinegars, using flavours including raspberry, chilli and cherry, all based on the core values of provenance, quality and taste. These special creations were an instant hit with local customers who appreciated Nuala’s imaginative products and her use of Isle of Wight ingredients. Soon a loyal customer base had been established, fuelled almost entirely through word of mouth and recommendations.

As demand grew, production moved from Nuala’s home in Gurnard to a specialist facility in Newchurch – just a stone’s throw from where the rapeseed is grown and pressed. This new location has acted as Wild Island’s H.Q. ever since – allowing manufacture of its delicious blends and tasty infusions to expand, as well as the team too. The saucepans may have got bigger but every bottle of Wild Island is still lovingly made on the Isle of Wight, in small batches with no artificial ingredients.


Where We Are Today

In recent years, Wild Island have continued to experiment and innovate and the range has expanded significantly. Today Nuala’s oils, dressings and fruit vinegars can be found stocked in farmshops, delis and greengrocers in London, across the South Coast and even in mainland Europe. From time to time, Wild Island products have also made an appearance on the menus of The Grosvenor Hotel, The Royal National Theatre and Kew Gardens too.

But they’re not just a favourite of home cooks and professional chefs – food critics and judges have given it their seal of approval as well – with four of Wild Island’s products winning the coveted Great Taste Award. They’re also accredited by SALSA (Safe and Local Supplier Approval) and recipients of the Wight Marque – identifying genuine Isle of Wight producers who use as many local ingredients as possible. Ambitious as ever, there are always new plans in the pipeline so keep an eye on the website to see the latest from Nuala and the Wild Island team.